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Tips For A Wedding Photography Beginner


Weddings are one of the most important events for some people. This is why most will invest in an excellent photographer to capture all the beautiful moments on this special day. As a photographer, you need to build your skills and create a brand for yourself if you want to get more recommendations. It requires a lot of effort on your side. If you have never done wedding photography before, you might feel intimidated, considering weddings are a big deal. However, it is good to remember that even the most renowned photographers were once beginners. They started by doing beginner wedding photography, learned through the process, and became better. With time, opportunity, and practice, you begin to build your portfolio, your eye for detail and learn new techniques for weddings photography. Also, if you work with other photographers who have been in the business, you get to learn a bit faster. Don’t fret if you have a wedding shoot coming up. Use the tips below in your first ever wedding photography shoot.

Meet The Couple.

When you get hired as the wedding photographer, you need to meet with the couple first. This step is crucial because it helps you bond with the couple. You get to interact and understand their interests as well as their personalities. You will be able to pick a thing or two from the interaction, which will help you,as you do your work. Ask them about their requirements. Is there a specific theme they are interested in? What do they want you to pay attention to during that day? Are there any special requests? Through this interaction, you will be able to determine the type of images the couple expects from you. If the couple request that you capture specific guests or relatives, ensure you note it down so that you don’t miss. Your work is to ensure the couple is satisfied and happy with the photos.

Ask For A Schedule.

It is advisable to request the couple to provide you with an itinerary of that day. You don’t want to reach the venue late, as this will portray you in a bad light. If possible, ask them to give you the itinerary a few days to the wedding. Study the itinerary well enough to know where you need to be as well as the time. This will save you a lot of time, energy, and confusion. You can’t afford to mess up their special day.


As a photographer, you need to anticipate the worst. This is why you always have to be prepared. If possible, carry extra batteries in case your camera goes off. Additional memory cards and lenses will help a great deal. Remember, you need to present yourself in a very professional manner. Have somewhere you can back up the photos because anything can happen. Can you imagine what would happen if you lost your camera and all their wedding photos? Always ensure you have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned.

Being a beginner in wedding photography can make you feel nervous about the outcome, but that should never deter you from doing what you love. Use the tips above to make your experience better.

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